Our Rates

We support the most secure services with our unbeatable rates, we remain indelible in the minds of our customers

10200.00 USD
  • Buy Rate : 720.00 ₦
  • Sell Rate : 750.00 ₦
8000.00 USD
  • Buy Rate : 600.00 ₦
  • Sell Rate : 720.00 ₦
10500.00 USD
  • Buy Rate : 710.00 ₦
  • Sell Rate : 750.00 ₦

Frequently Asked Question

Some frequently Asked Questios

How Fast Is Payment?

Withdrawals are processed immediately so under normal circumstances, you should get your payment in less than 5 minutes.

What Is The MAXIMUM Or MINIMUM I Can Withdraw?

There is minimum withdrawal of 5000 NGN and there is no maximum as long as it's your money.

After an Asset trade, how fast can i get paid?

When the Asset has been completely processed, payment happens instantly.

How long does Digital Asset trade take?

The Digital Asset we take have varying processing lengths due to various factors. However, our automated systems helps to fasten the process. So, when you initiate a trade, you will get notification once we processed it

I can't remember my password, how can i recover it?

It's simple. Use the recover password option and a link to reset your password will be sent to your Email.

How do I place an order for my Asset?

To place order is simple. click on trade now,select the Asset that you want to trade and follow the instructions

Are all transactions secure on kachiPlug Exchange?

Yes, all transactions are protected and not accessible by any third party. Kachiplug Exchange platform ensures that your data is protected. We have impenetrable firewalls that make your transactions secure, and we use 256bits SSL security encryption that prevent fraudsters from interfering with transactions.

Am Yet To Receive My Withdrawal, What Do I Do?

99.9% of payments are received within a few minutes. Banks at times have issues that can lead to delay in payment. Kindly be patient and contact us if you don't get your payment within the next 12 hours. Nevertheless, you will always get your payment regardless, rest assured.

Why Is My Withdrawal Pending?

Withdrawals are processed on a first-in-first-out basis. A 'PENDING' status means your withdrawal is queued and awaiting processing. This basically takes just a few minutes to be completed. Kindly be patient. If your withdrawal is taking longer than usual, please contact support team

My Digital/Crypto Asset type is not listed on your platform?

We strives to make various Digital/Crypto Asset options available but it's easy to tell that we cannot accept all crypto/digital asset types at all times. If your asset is not listed during a trade, you can make a special request. Contact support for more information.

How fast is payment?

Withdrawal process is processed automatically after digital asset has been confirmed.

Withdrawal is approved in within few seconds and Payout is made to your Bank Account.

How Can i withdraw?

To withdraw Funds

-Choose Naira as Method to withdraw

-Put in Amount

-Put Bank Details

-Click Withdrawal

Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) mandatory?
All the clients who have signed up to on the site, are required to perform additional authorization at the following stages online: - Login - Adding or managing beneficiaries - Instructing a payment or booking a site
How To Create a KachiPlug account?
If you want to open an account for personal use you can do it over the phone or online.
Opening an account online should only take a few minutes
You need to register to the site and just login to the site using the user id and password
How Will I Know If My Transaction Has Been processed?

For every transaction, Our Platform will send you email notifications on your sell order. Always check your email for order updates. Should in case we have urgent information, we will use your phone number to call you. do not forget to click on the setting to update your valid phone number.

What days of the week does KachiPlug exchange operate?

At kachiplug Exchange, we work 24/7 and this is why people refer to us as a customer-centric brand. At any time of the day or week, we are always available.